IELA announces winners of the 2018 Standards of Performance Awards

IELA announces winners of the 2018 Standards of Performance Awards

Singapore and UAE major winners of the IELA Awards 2018. IELA Member from Singapore, Transit Air Cargo Singapore Pte. Ltd., wins both 1st place Best Domestic Agent 2018 and Best Onsite Agent 2018, and two IELA Members from United Arab Emirates, FILS International Freight & Logistic Services LLC and ELF SHIPPING LLC, win respectively 2nd place Best Domestic Agent 2018 and 2nd Place Best Onsite Agent 2018.

In its efforts to professionalise all segments within the exhibition and event logistics industry, the INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION LOGISTICS ASSOCIATION (IELA) sets out to define global standards and consequently ensure compliance by all members.  The association is therefore nowadays seen as a hallmark for high quality.

From early days, IELA strives towards the creation of an elite echelon of exhibition and event logistics providers. One means of reaching this goal is in the form of the IELA SURVEY, a benchmarking tool among members.

At this year’s 34th IELA Congress, held from June 23rd to 26th 2019 in Venice, Italy, 270 delegates representing 146 member companies from over 50 countries celebrated its top agents at the Gala Dinner & Award Night at the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista di Venezia.

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2018 Award Winners in the categories BEST DOMESTIC AGENT, BEST ON-SITE AGENT & BEST EXPORT AGENT, delivered by David Palomo, newly appointed as Chair of the IELA Standards & Customs Working Group:

Export Agent 2018 winners:

1st  Place: PANEXPO Gesellschaft für Transport- und Messelogistik mbH, Germany
2nd Place: Ishikawa-Gumi, Ltd, Japan

Domestic Agent 2018 winners:

1st  Place: Transit Air Cargo Singapore Pte. Ltd., Singapore
2nd Place: FILS International Freight & Logistic Services LLC, United Arab Emirates

Onsite Agent 2018 winners:

1st  Place: Transit Air Cargo Singapore Pte. Ltd., Singapore
2nd Place: ELF SHIPPING LLC, United Arab Emirates

Vicki Bedi, IELA Chairman 2018-2020, congratulated the IELA Members with the top scores in 2018 on behalf of the Board of Management and the IELA Team, and explained that 

IELA Awards reward and give recognition for the successful implementation of high standards. These awards not only portray the commitment of a company’s Management for quality, but more importantly reaches out to each & every team member. I congratulate all of them for their hard work and success.”

The Awards ceremony also witnessed an emotive moment when Mariane Ewbank, former IELA Chairwoman 2016-2018 received the Honorary Member Award, joining the list of the 14 IELA Honorary members, all renowned experts of the exhibition logistics industry and pillars of IELA identity and what is has become over its 34 years of history.

The international association IELA seeks professionalism in all its members and its teams. Focusing on Education and Training to constantly grow and boost the expertise of the members of the IELA Community, the Education and Training Working Group Chair, Bas Wiendels, handed over Best Student Awards to the two ex-aequo Best students of the 2019 IELA Winter Seminar, Jessica Abaty, from E.S.I. Group, France and Hafizzudin Noor Mohammad, from R.E. Rogers (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

Bas Wiendels congratulated the winners and continued by saying

The future of IELA and the exhibition logistics industry will depend on the skills and motivation of up-and-coming generations. It is therefore our duty to offer qualified training and educational programmes in order to nurture this talent

The next IELA training event is the 3rd IELA Operations Summit which will take place in Bangkok, from February 13th-15th 2020. The event will once again provide a platform for all operations staff of the IELA Membership to learn, showcase and network during a period of three days. These three pillars provide specific training and activate the IELA network.

About IELA:

IELA, the International Exhibition Logistics Association, is the only worldwide trade association dedicated to enhancing the professionalism of the transportation logistics and freight handling segments of the exhibition and event logistics industry.
The organisation’s strict entry requirements focusing on exhibition & event expertise assure the highest level of quality in its services. Our members are recognised as industry leaders and niche providers in their regions as well as around the globe. Currently, IELA has 175 members and 31 affiliates in 56 countries.


This IELA Benchmarking tool provides control on the IELA Standards of Performance application and is part of the reason why IELA Members are not just logistics suppliers, but expert consultants and partners for all logistics questions regarding exhibitions and events.
This unique tool benchmarks our members’ performances. The winner of each respective category – Domestic Agent, On-site or Export Agent – receives the Best Agent Award at the annual IELA Congress, the highest recognition of quality and professionalism within the Industry.

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