Frequently Asked Questions

You can get your stall designed as per your needs and aesthetics. You will be provided a 3D design by the designing team.

Yes, they can, usually the Exhibition Stall Fabricators have in-house Designing team. You can clarify the same in the very beginning of your discussion.

Yes, they will in case the stall design requires assembly on site. The stall will be manufactured in their production facility and will be shipped to the exhibition site for installation.

Yes, the Exhibition Stall Fabricator you choose, will take care of all such needs. You can convey all your requirements before the final quotation.

Cost of a Fabricated Stall depends on various aspects like material used, type of paint, Quality of Furniture and style of Branding etc. A basic stall will cost a minimum of 5000 per sq.mt.

The exhibitor has 2 options, either they can post their requirement, which will be visible to ALL. Or they can search as per their required criteria and select and MESSAGE (through our platform) any Stall Builder directly without knowledge of anybody. This interaction stays between the Exhibitor and Stall Builder ONLY.

The requirements posted by the Exhibitors is visible on the HOMEPAGE of www.buildmystall.com
Members registered as “STALL BUILDER – GOLD” can click and see the details of requirements posted by the Exhibitor