Exhibition Stall Fabricators - Flex Material banned by Kerala

Exhibition Stall Fabricators – Flex Material banned by Kerala

Exhibition Stall Fabricators – Flex boards banned by Kerala.
The use of flex made out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC),Commonly used for publicity material that can cause immense health and environmental  issues, has been banned by the state government.

The local self –government department issued an order in this regard in which all the rules and steps to be taken in this regards has been detailed.

As per the order, flex cannot be used for publicity in government programs, private functions, religious, cinema, elections or any other events. Exhibition Stall Fabricators will also not be able to use this material in the future.

Instead, materials that are recyclable and environment-friendly should be promoted. Publicity materials should be prepared with cloth, paper and poly ethylene that are recyclable.

Also, the details of the printer and date on which, the use of the material will expire should be printed on all such publicity materials. For event/exhibition-based publicity material, the date of expiry should be the date of the event, while for other publicity materials; it should not exceed 90 days. All such materials should be removed within seven days of the expiry period by those who erected such materials. If the material is being used for Exhibitions, all such material needs to be removed by respective Exhibition Stall Fabricators.

Fine will be slapped on those who use or print publicity materials using PVC flex. Meanwhile, chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan urged all to avoid use of plastic during Onam festival and tourism week celebrations. He said that the green protocol that was introduced for marriages and conferences has been a hit and that is why the government has now decided to ban flex material completely. He said that tonnes of plastic came out from the environment. If the government and people join hands, the use of plastic and thereby the degradation of the environment can be contained, he said.

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