Magical Wedding day 2021 Germany – An everyday phrase, but the exact words to describe how we want you to feel on your wedding day – ‘don’t worry’. It is our job to cater to every little detail as if it were our very own wedding day. When you put your special day into our hands, we know how huge the responsibility is – and we take it seriously. We know exactly how important it is for you to be able to relax, lower your shoulders and simply enjoy every moment of this once in a lifetime event. No challenge is too big and no detail is too small – we have the experience, the local contacts and the knowhow to make your special day everything you wished it could be.

Who am I?
Ceremony Planner
Grethe Ahrensbach, a local of the area was enthralled by the beauty of Old Højerup church. Tourists would visit, take pictures and marvel at the view. But after 30 years in the hospitality industry, Grethe had an eye for the needs and wishes of guests and visitors – and for possibilities. Foreigners would come to Denmark for a quick and hasslefree ceremony – but why settle for the dreary interior of a modern town hall on their big day? Why not combine the practical and the romantic aspects – and make better use of the ancient church too? The perfect space, built for serene ceremonies and solemn rituals … like weddings …Her initiative to make use of the church in this way has been welcomed in the local community, and her network among local businesses, from restaurants and hotels down to the flower shop and local photographer is solid and will ensure you the best rates and reliability.

What to expect
We would like to take you through a typical wedding day at Højerup – so you will know what to expect at each step of the journey.

If you have opted for the transfer service from Copenhagen or another pickup point on Zealand, you will be met and transported to your accommodation.
You arrive at your hotel or guest house no later than 3 pm the day before your wedding ceremony. This is to obtain the proper signatures and file the forms within office hours of the civil service office. A representative of Magical Weddings will meet you at Stevns council town hall. We take care of all paperwork and making sure everything is in order. Any booking of additional services, such as hairdresser or flower arrangements may be discussed and finalized.
When it is time for your ceremony, if it is arranged, a representative of Magical Weddings will meet you at your hotel and take you by car to Old Højerup Church, which will at this time already be decorated according to your wishes and arrangements with Magical Weddings.
We will arrange for the church to be closed to other visitors for the duration of your wedding ceremony.
As you exit the church, sparkling wine or champagne and cake is set up and served outside.
All papers are signed and attested at the ceremony – you leave with your marriage certificate in hand.
If arranged, transfers are organised to take you either back to your hotel or other accommodation or to lunch at a nearby restaurant, according to your arrangements. This is also the point where you may opt for a session with a photographer or a luxurious ride around the countryside in a horse drawn carriage.
Whether your wedding party consists of four, 74 or 124 guests, we are happy to accommodate you and cater to all your needs.

What to do in Stevns
There are many things to do around the Old Højerup church in Stevns. Within an hour of the location by car, you can find:

The 2016 Michelin restaurant at Frederiksminde
The almost 500 year old Gjorslev countryside estate
A range of hotels and restaurants – see our Hotels and restaurants page
Further information on what to do in the local area is available at:

Stevnsfort Cold War Museum
Stevns Lighthouse
Geomuseum Faxe
City of Køge
City of Copenhagen

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