Cosmo Tech Expo 2019

Cosmo Tech Expo 2019

Cosmo Tech Expo 2019 is India’s Biggest Manufacturing Solutions Trade Show for the Cosmetic, Personal care, Cosmeceutical, Perfumery & Soap, detergent, toiletries market.

Cosmo Tech (now in its 5th Edition) is conceptualized on bringing the complete Innovative solutions to the beauty manufactures right from the concept to formulation to technology to product launch for making the advancements in the Manufacturing world.

Cosmo Tech brings together 250 Exhibitors to display latest Ingredients, Raw material, Packaging, Labelling, Machinery, OEM & Private Labeling, Testing, Lab Equipments, regulatory solutions with over 8,000 manufactures visitors worldwide.

Why Visit Cosmo Tech Expo 2019

  • 350 Exhibitors
  • See New Innovations
  • Educational Programmes
  • Live Lab
  • Innovation Zone
  • Technical Seminars
  • Packaging Seminar
  • Natural & Organic Zone



Actives, Emollients, Emulsifiers, UV Absorbers, Rheology Modifiers, Surfactants Thickeners or Texturizers, Preservatives, Starch, Colour Pigments, Antioxidants, Ingredients Protectants, Humectants (Hydrators/Moisturizers), Sun Screen Agents, Scrubs, Cooling Agents, Warming Agents, Film Formers, Foam Boosters, fillers, polymers, Preservatives, antioxidants and chelating, conditioners, Protein & Vitamins, Skin whitening Agents, APG’S, Derivatives, Herbal Extracts, Vegetable Oils, Butters& many more……..


Natural & Synthetic Fragrance for Cosmetic, Soaps, Shampoo, Cosmeceuticals, Room Freshener, Aerosol, Hair Oils, Gels, Lotions, Hand Wash, Body wash, Toiletries, Detergent, Candle & Incense Stick& many more……..

Essential Oil

Natural Essential oils, Fragrance Oils, Aromatherapy oils, Vegetable/carrier oils, Indian Perfumes, Floral Waters.


Laminated & Collapsible Tubes, Perfume Bottles, Aluminum Tubes, Seamless tubes, Stand Up Packs, Plastic Containers / Cans / Jars, Pet, Airless & seamless bottles, Dropper bottle, Plastic Nail polish bottles, Cream Jars, Hand wash / Shampoo Bottles, Talcum Containers.

Glass Packaging

Cosmetic Bottles, Nail Polish Glass bottle, Perfume & Attar Bottles.

Secondary Packaging

Foamer / Lotion pump /Trigger sprays, Closures includes Flip top caps/ Screw caps / Pilfer proof caps / Child resistant caps, Roll on for perfumes.


Packaging of Aerosol Products like Aerosol caps, Aerosol Containers, Cans, Propellant, Product concentrate, Container, Valve and Actuator.


Printed Label & Sticker, Self Adhesive Label, Roll Labels Squeezable self-adhesive labels, Soft touch, sticker labels, Screen printed labels Embossed self-adhesive bottle labels, digital label printing machines Digital finishing system, label applicators.


Cosmetic, Personal Care & Home Care, Cosmeceuticals, Perfumery.

Private Label /OEM/ODM Private Label

Cosmetic, Personal Care & Home Care, Cosmeceuticals, Perfumery.

Packaging Machinery

Filling machines, Unscrambles, Conveyors, Sealing machines, Labeling machinery.

Processing Machinery

Boilers, Mixer, Dryers, Feeders, Tanks, Humidity Chamber, B.O.D Incubator, Deep Freezer, Bacteriological Incubator.

Testing Labs

Development of cosmetic testing protocols for private label products.

Lab Equipments

Ross High Shear Mixers, Multi-Shaft Mixers, beakers, weighing scale, weigh paper, spatulas, droppers, Hot Plate, stirrer, Homogeniser, Glass beakers, Spatulas.

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