6 Eye-opening facts about Exhibitors

6 Eye-opening facts about Exhibitors

6 Eye-opening facts about Exhibitors.

With a prestigious tradeshow coming up, now will be a good time to look at some specific exhibition industry research. It will nudge you on the path to improved tradeshow productivity and better ROI.

1. FACT: The average company allocates 31.6% of their total marketing budget to events and exhibiting.
Source: Tradeshow Week Research
ACTION: This is a lot of money and you deserve to get real value and a return on your investment. Tradeshows present a powerful opportunity for both the new and the repeat exhibitors. Do your homework, work with your team and decide on the goals you wish to achieve. If you are prepared to recognize and act on the opportunities, you will go home smiling. Get better prepared.  

2. FACT: 76% of exhibitors set no specific objectives for tradeshows. Source: Exhibitor magazine
ACTION: Identify your top reasons for exhibiting in any exhibition. convert those reasons to measurable goals and back them up with workable action plans. Communicate the plan to your team members, monitor execution, and measure your results.

3. FACT: 80% of exhibitors do little or no targeted pre‐show marketing. Source: CEIR research
ACTION: Attendee behaviors have changed radically over the last several years. You have a great opportunity at hand if you use the pre-show period to identify your target audience. Invite them to the show and later take feedback on how you presented during the show. Take every opportunity to learn about the behavioral changes and use targeted pre and at-show marketing to get “in the mind” and “on the agenda” of the right attendees. 

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4. FACT: 86% of exhibit staffers have never received one single hour of professional skills training on how to work a tradeshow.
Source: Informal exhibition industry research
ACTION: Put your best people forward at tradeshows. Seek out and provide professional exhibiting skills training. Educate them about the product and new launches adequately. It can make or break the overall effectiveness of your exhibit.

5. FACT: 87% of tradeshow leads captured are never effectively followed upon.
Source: Exhibit Surveys Tradeshow Trend Study
ACTION: For many exhibitors, leads are the real product of a tradeshow. Not just new sales lead, but anybody you meet at a show requires a follow‐up action from your company, and that action delivers value. With current technologies in place, many organizers give you the option of Lead Generation App, use that. Keep a dedicated person at the stand to collect and safely keep the visitor’s business cards. Learn how to create a closed closed‐loop lead management process to control leads and convert them to revenue or value.

6. FACT: 86% of companies have no organized form of post‐show measurement.
Source: Exhibitor magazine
ACTION: Most companies only see what they spend and question what they are getting. Learn how to use easy‐to‐apply tradeshow performance metrics to measure and report exhibiting performance and results. 

If your organization can relate with any of these 6 Eye-opening facts about Exhibitors. , get active, get involved, use what makes sense for your company. And above all do not be on the wrong side of any of these six statistics.

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