10 ideas to attract and engage booth audience at trade shows

10 ideas to attract and engage booth audience at trade shows

10 ideas to attract and engage booth audience at trade shows

Trade shows are the perfect place for companies to exhibit their product or service. From promoting your product in-person to sharing live product demos trade shows are the best platform one can get to soar their sales numbers. Here are some of the best tried and tested ways to attract more visitors and maximize sales making the trade show a success.

1. Distinctive Exhibition Stands

The very first thing that visitors see is your exhibition stand and thus it is an essential ingredient for a tradeshow. Whereas an innovative and creative exhibition stand can attract more buyers, a not so impressive exhibition stand can turn off potential buyers. Leading exhibition stall designers thrive upon unique concepts for stall design and blend it with customization to make the stall stand out amongst the rest.

2. Digital Photo Booths

Stay in the memories of your customers with the help of digital photo booths. Allowing the customers to capture moments with some interesting filters, these booths see a lot of crowd in trade fairs. Stall designers, often suggest companies to invest in a branded photo booth. Using such photo booths, the company gets to engage the customer with the brand in trade shows and also attains increased reach on social media.

3. Lounge area for visitors

Out of the 10 ideas to attract and engage booth audience at trade shows, 3rd point is – Talking to a sales representative during trade show while sitting on a comfortable couch, what else could a customer ask for? Making provisions for refreshments, luxurious and comfortable sitting areas, Wi-Fi and mobile charging points go a long way in engaging your customers in a conversation.

4. Creative and unexpected elements

Exhibition attendees love to see something that would just ‘wow’ them. Bringing in a unique and unexpected element at your exhibition will surely create a buzz among the visitors and encourage more footfall. Anything from cute animals to robots, AI-powered interactive walls, VR and AR corners and much more can be your creative stunts to stand out at a trade show. Ensure that these additions do not take away the focus away from your product.

5. Live Social Media Walls

Social media walls work by displaying the customer’s messages shared on social media handles. Acting as a review and exposure to your products or services, these comments and hashtags give your prospective customers more confidence in you. Live social media walls can be easily included in the setup by expert stall fabricators.

6. Competitions and prizes

Capture the attention of your target customers by organizing interesting competitions during the trade show. To increase the excitement further, you can include prizes to be won. A thoughtfully planned contest or competition at a trade show or event will let the customer engage with the brand and might drive sales.

7. Personal invitations

Make your loyal customers feel privileged by sending out special invites. This is an excellent and proven way to woe high-value customers. Personal invites can be coupled with product catalogs and show plans.

8. Special trade show deals

People take their time out to attend a trade show. You can make their visit worthwhile by offering a special trade show deal to show your appreciation. You can offer them freebies, branded takeaways, exclusive discounts if they spend time at your booth. You can also give them a gift voucher to be redeemed at your store. Your aim here is brand building and sales. Make sure that the deal you are offering is interesting and professional.

9. Lighting

Eye-catchy lighting arrangements can make your booth stand out. Strategically plan the lighting elements along with the stall designer to attract attention to specific areas like logo, brands, products, and other features. Right from neon light signs to LED lights, there are various dramatic lighting options to choose from.

10. Hands-on experience of the product:

To kindle the curiosity of the visitors allow them to test your product at the exhibition. Your offering could be as small as an Air Fryer or as big as a jet. Irrespective of what your product is, you can find a way to invite visitors to touch, operate and get a hands-on experience of your products. This will have a more personal effect on the people and even after going away from the exhibition, they will continue to think about it.

Follow the above tips to attract more visitors and maximize sales at trade shows. With the right setup and some engaging activities, you will not just deliver a better experience to your visitors but your brand is sure to stand out. If you are looking for the exhibition stand builders, www.buildmystall.com is one of the best platforms where you can find stand builders, designers, service providers easily. Get the latest update on the upcoming shows and news from the exhibition industry on www.buildmystall.com

Guest Columnist – Mohammad Razi Shakir, CEO Panache Exhibitions, One-Stop solution for bespoke exhibition stall designing and fabrication

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